About Gnilron

Stuff I do & have done

Gnilron AB is my own consultancy company since 2005. I’m Torben Norling the owner and only employee of the company focusing on software development and software architecture. The primary focus has been Java, Web-tech and mobile. Related to this I’m also used to work with cloud platforms like AWS (I’m a certified AWS Solution Architect), Google Cloud Platform, Digitalocean and such. Today it makes sense to combine these with related technologies for deployment / scheduling like Kubernetes and docker. The idea is to stay productive, yet be independent and not getting tied to cloud specific services.

I prefer combining hands on development work with architecture work and lead roles. You can’t really do one without the other and at the same time stay up to date on new technologies.

Kindred / Unibet

Since almost six years ago I do 100% consulting with Unibet today known as Kindred. I work with their Architecture Team doing things like:

  • Micro-service architecture
  • Security related platform updates, o-auth2 / OpenIDConnect platforms.
  • domain messaging - message bus implementation and migration to the Solace appliance platform.
  • Caching / Performance related work
  • Support development teams with architecture and software-design.

Swedish Tax Agency 2001 - 2011 (Some breaks)

Prior to the currently active work with Kindred I’ve spent almost 10 years (with some minor breaks) of consulting with the Swedish Tax agency dealing with their “citizens do the taxes” platform used by all Swedes. This work involved fleshing out the architecture, did some lead-development work and was also part of evolving the platform from the initial web only app into mobile apps, Android and iOS, SMS channels and BankId integration.

Ericsson 1993-2000

Worked for Ericsson developing in house admin tools, primary Java but also C and even som Cobol :-) I also spent some time working with world wide installation and support of an internal issue tracker.